Counselling and representation in administrative proceedings (road and traffic authority, security department) and law courts (administrative court) related to

  • Obtaining/expiry of probationary driving licence (extension and revocation of driving licence
  • Withdrawal warning or driving licence withdrawal (in cases of light, medium or grave infraction due to speeding, drink driving (alcohol) driving under the influence of narcotics (drugs) or medication, driving without driving or car licence, driving despite driving licence withdrawal, improper conduct after car accident, reissuing of probationary learner driver's licence or driving licence, retraining upon driving licence withdrawal, etc.)
  • Assessment of (existing or lacking) driving ability and driving competence periodic checks, certificate of aptitude to drive, preventive withdrawal of driving licence, check-drive under medical supervision, traffic-medical examination, withdrawal for security or reasons or as a warning, driving-related psychological assessment, traffic-medical expert report, monitored abstinence, zero tolerance abstinence, learn trips).
  • Production of written opinions in connection with the right to be heard, opposition to decrees (appeal addressed lodged with the security department or the administrative court).
  • Administrative proceedings in connection with the criminal or the appealing procedure.